Good Day

(’-‘) Smiling (!.!) Crying (’;’) Angry (’:’) Bored (’.’) Proud (’o’) Hungry (’?’) Confuse (-.-) Sleepy I like to accompany you in every mood Good Day!

Only special people

Open Hearts receive (love) Open minds receive (wisdom) Open hands receive (gift) Only special people receive this message.

Keep Saying Hello

Do u know? Why “HELLO” is so sweet? H: How are you? E: Everything OK. L: Like to see you. L: Like to speak to you. O: Obviously miss you. So keep saying “HELLO”.

I am in hospital now

I am in hospital now. After 5 minutes, I will be transferred to a surgery room. The doctor told me, I will die if I stop RECEIVING YOUR SMS.

4 in 1 SMS pack

G Morning O Afternoon O Evening D Night Hey, 4 in 1 SMS pack, I save the money.