A Friend Is Sweet

A friend is sweet when it is new…
it is sweeter when it is true…
but you know that…
it is the sweetest when it is you…

Good Day

(’-‘) Smiling
(!.!) Crying
(’;’) Angry
(’:’) Bored
(’.’) Proud
(’o’) Hungry
(’?’) Confuse
(-.-) Sleepy
I like to accompany you in every mood
Good Day!

What Is Facebook?

What Is Facebook?
Its a place where boy posts joke,
Gets no response…
If girl posts the same joke,
She gets 150 Likes, 300 Comments
and 60 friends requests.

Only special people

Open Hearts receive (love)
Open minds receive (wisdom)
Open hands receive (gift)
Only special people receive this message.

Keep Saying Hello

Do u know? Why “HELLO” is so sweet?
H: How are you?
E: Everything OK.
L: Like to see you.
L: Like to speak to you.
O: Obviously miss you.
So keep saying “HELLO”.

Mothers Day Quote

Mama was my greatest teacher,
a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness.
If love is sweet as a flower,
then my mother is that sweet flower of love.

Some broken heart…

Some broken heart, may never mend,
Some memories may never end,

Some wet tears may never dry,
But my love for you will never die…