Love SMS

Love is like two people holding a rubber band

Love is like two people holding a rubber band,
we pull,
then when one person let’s go,
it’s The Person Who Held On That Gets Hurt!!!!

Love SMS

Love someone because …

Love Someone …
Not Because They Give
You What You Need … !!!


Because They Give You Feelings
You Never Thought You Needed!

Cool SMS

Always Be Happy

Always be Happy, always wear a smile;
Not because life is full of reasons to smile
but because your smile itself is a reason
for many others to smile. . .

Wise SMS

Simplest way to stay happy

One of the simplest ways
to stay happy is…

Letting go of the things
that makes you sad.

Wise SMS

Best Rose Day SMS

Everyone like the rose petals
but not the green sepals
which protects it
in its budding stage,
similarly everyone loves the beautiful faces
but not those who spend life in making others beautiful.

Love SMS

I can promise …

I can’t promise to
solve all your problems,

But I can promise
you wont have to face them alone…

Love SMS

Scratches can’t be removed!

Relations are like glass,
A scratch in one side
will reflect on other side too,

Always handle feelings with care
because scratches can’t be removed!

Love SMS

I care for you in my own ways

I care for you in my own ways.
Maybe you’ll never know,
maybe I’ll never show.

Cool SMS

U r very Careless

I think U r very careless!!!
U come and leave things behind!!!!
See now what u have left??
U just came in my mind and left a smile on my face….

Romantic SMS

If a raindrop would mean

If a raindrop would mean “I love you”
and you would ask me
how much I love you,
I bet you that it would rain all day.