Best Rose Day SMS

Everyone like the rose petals but not the green sepals which protects it in its budding stage, similarly everyone loves the beautiful faces but not those who spend life in making others beautiful.

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Give yourself ….

Give yourself a chance, Give yourself the moment, Give yourself the freedom, Give yourself the power, Give yourself the confidence, Live for today not for tomorrow, Live the EXTREME !!!!!!! Because you got yourself only one life… LIVE IT !!!!

Challenges come in 3 categories

Challenges in life come in three categories EASY, DIFFICULT AND IMPOSSIBLE! Those who take the easy way have a safe and boring life, those with difficult way have a tough but satisfying life, and those taking the impossible way are remembered forever.

Life dose not provide Warranties

Life does not provide Warranties and Guarantees. It only provides Possibilities and Opportunities, Don’t miss them, Make BEST of it. HAVE A GREAT DAY.